When Was Glass Discovered?

The discovery of glass, M.D. 3. it took place in Mesopotamia in the millennium. Approximately M.D. around the year 3500, the ancient Sumerians and Egyptians took the first steps in the production of glass. However, during this period, glass was not pure and transparent in its present sense. The first glass production was realized by using obsidian (volcanic glass) and tektites (meteorite-derived glass), which is a natural process in which glass is formed by combining with the melted silica mineral. The pure and transparent state of glass, M during the Roman period.D. 1. it took place in the century. During this period, glassmaking techniques developed significantly, and the production of glassware became widespread. During the Roman Empire, glass production became a major industry in regions such as Syria and Egypt. In the Middle Ages, glass production was of great importance in Venice. Venice specializes in glassmaking and has become a major commercial center in this area. Venetian glass masters developed techniques and were especially known for the production of colored glass. A major turning point in glass production, the 17th. it happened in the century when the British scientist George Ravenscroft discovered crystal glass by adding lead oxide. Crystal glass has come to the fore with its transparency, brightness and high luxury and has started a new era in glass production.
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