What Is Tempered Glass?

Tempered glass is a type of glass that has been subjected to tempering treatment, which is a special heat treatment. This process increases the durability of the glass and turns it into a safer structure. The production of tempered glass is carried out by heating the glass sheet first and then cooling it quickly. This rapid cooling process ensures the formation of tension on the glass surface. The resulting tension makes the glass more durable and resistant to impacts. Some features of tempered glass are: 1. Durability: Tempered glass is more durable than regular glass. It is more resistant to bumps, scratches and thermal shocks. Thanks to this feature, it is widely used as a safety glass. 2. Safety: When tempered glass is broken, it does not turn into large sharp pieces, but into small, smoothly shaped pieces. This reduces the risk of injury and provides a significant advantage in terms of safety. Therefore, it is used in areas such as automobile windows, shower cabins, furniture and glass doors. 3. Thermal Durability: Tempered glass is resistant to high temperatures. When exposed to heat, it has a better thermal shock resistance than ordinary glass. This feature increases its use in areas where temperature changes are intense. 4. Easy Cleanability: Tempered glass has a flatter surface than regular glass, which makes it easier to clean. Stains and dirt are easier to clean because there are fewer cracks, cavities or surface textures. Tempered glass has a wide range of applications and is preferred in terms of safety, durability and aesthetics. Due to these characteristics, it is used in many fields from the automotive industry to the construction sector, from household goods to furniture.
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