What Is Glass According To Thinkers?

The nature and beauty of glass have always attracted attention, its contribution to humanity, its content and structure have been studied by thinkers. The German philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer described glass as a "pure expression of nature". Glass, with its purity, has become a symbol of cleanliness and clarity in the search for truth. Mahatma Gandhi said, "The fragility of glass is due to its perfection and clarity," emphasizing the effect of its clarity on all life. Leonardo da Vinci said, "Glass expresses the truth with its transparency". Albert Einstein said, "The world inside the glass allows us to better understand the world outside," referring to the allegory of the cave, saying that it is the most basic means of ensuring our contact with the real world. "Glass does not lose its own existence while reflecting the light inside." Ralph Waldo Emerson puts glass, a tool that can reflect light without transforming, in a special place. "Glass is a whole made up of many parts, it is the harmony of uniqueness," Paulo Coelho says, emphasizing that this magnificent substance is a completely different substance independent of them as a composition of many substances.
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